In the Our Story page, we mentioned that we give a portion of all profits to different charities.  At this time, we currently will be giving to Water for Life Charity, as well as Compassion InternationalWe decided to land on these charities because of the simple implementation, yet massive impacts around them.

Here in the USA, clean drinking water is not something that we think about on a daily basis. It is something that many of us most likely take for granted, yet much of the world does not have it. Below we will list some excerpts form Water for Life's page on "The Problem":


    • "Throughout North America, the average person uses over 100 gallons of water daily. Considering that people in developing countries use less than 3 gallons on any given day, a major water disparity is evident."


    • "Almost 1 billion people around the globe do not have access to safe drinking water"


    • "Annually, 1.8 million children die from diseases related to poor sanitation and contaminated water. That means that every 20 seconds, a child loses his or her precious life."


    • "Millions of women and children travel miles just to find water; even then, most sources are polluted."


    • "The most serious public health threats are diseases related to inadequate sanitation and unsafe drinking water. In developing countries, these two factors account for 80% of all illnesses."


    • "Of all the Earth’s fresh water, only 0.007% is readily accessible for human use."


Clean water, through smaller investments can make monumental changes! Take a look at their page, "Why Clean Water Matters". In addition, donations to Compassion International will also be donated to various Clean Water initiatives, as well as other areas. Compassion has many areas that they serve, from local churches, to schooling, to healthcare, and food, etc.


Our goal here at Cornerstone Kingdom is to make apparel we love to wear, but most importantly to spread the Good News and to give to those in need!


God Bless,

Cornerstone Kingdom